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Distribution components

A wide range of distribution products to complete the system.

These solutions, with their excellent performance and original mechanics, are designed to make the installation easier and more reliable. A few examples are splitters and taps for MATV and SMATV installations with F connector and clamp versions and a wide range of outlets with 1, 2 or more outputs for TV, SAT, FM, DATA signals and return channel.

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Code 220370, 220376, 220390, 220375, 220392, 2203322, 220660, 220670, 220652, 220654, 220451, 220452, 220453, 220454, 256309
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Code PAS1222011, PAS1232011, PAS1242011, PAS2212111, PAS2212211, PAS2212311, PAS2212411, PAS2212511, PAS222111, PAS2222111, PAS2222311, PAS2222511, PAS2222611, PAS2242211, PAS2242311, PAS2242411, PAS2242511, PAS2242811, PAS2262811, PAS2282811
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Code 280701, 280703, 280702, 280704, 280705, 280710, 280711, 280712, 280713, 280714,280715, 280716, 280717, 280718, 280719, 280720, 280721, 280722, 280723, 280724, 280725, 280726, 280727
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Code PAS4025202, PAS4046100, PAS4046100, PAS4036104, PAS4037104. PAS4016102, PAS4017101, PAS4007111, PAS4009101
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Code PAS4136104, PAS4116102, PAS4117101, PAS107111, PAS4109101
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